Through our current networks the Cross Crusade will meet initially via conference and/or in person with pastors and ministry leaders to share about the movement and the current activities and praise reports that have developed because of the crusade. Each pastor / leader will then be scheduled a time to meet with the Cross Crusade team to discuss if they would be interested and have the capacity to operate within their region as a “Cross Crusade Ambassador”.


The Cross Crusade Ambassador can be made up of a church / ministry that has the capacity to begin building networks within their local region. The Ambassador will host a few network information sessions (in-person and online) and register churches / ministries / individuals in their regional areas. The Ambassador will also support the local recruitment for Intercessory Prayer Warriors that currently meet via conference call on Monday nights at 8pm.

Upon identifying the lead churches / ministries, the Cross Crusade team will partner with the Cross Crusade Ambassador(s) to hold a one day Evangelistic Leadership Training to review the mission, purpose and united effort of prayer and evangelism leading the nation to Jesus Christ.

The Ambassador and Lead Churches / Ministries with someone from the Cross Crusade team will conference and setup dates of when and what communities will be chosen. Each crusade event will involve a schedule that includes:

- Praise and Worship
- Motivational Speaker(s)
- Final Instructions
- Community Evangelism (identified areas)

The goal is to also work with the local churches and ministries helping to reach people in their communities and encourage individuals to fellowship and receive various outreach support, as well.

The participants will be encouraged to wear Cross Crusade T-Shirts so that everyone is operating in identity and unity.


The Cross Crusade team and the Ambassador will identify individuals that can support marketing and communication efforts by creating flyers and social media campaigns to raise awareness of the crusade that will be within the regions. 

Sponsorship is needed to take the message of The Cross to the nation.

Sponsorship says that you are partnering with The Cross Crusade America for the sole purpose of helping us win souls, change lives and communities. The Cross Crusade will consist of leaders and member’s evangelistic training, ongoing workshops and culminating with a Cross Crusade Evangelistic Tent Revival. This event will include: praise and worship teams from local churches, inspirational messages, local business vendors, food, and giveaways. Each event will be free and open to the public with no charge to the community.

The sponsoring organization of the Cross Crusade is a 501c3 so all donations are 100% tax deductible.

The Cross Crusade T-shirts will be one way to cover expenses, as mentioned above. The t-shirts will represent the states region. 
For example, The Cross Crusade Greater Works Northeast Region- Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maine, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey 

Sample of Greater Works Chicago T-shirts

The Cross Crusade Greater Works T-Shirts is designed to advance, promote and display unity as we forge ahead.

Cross Crusade America
Evangelizing to the Nation

Reviving the purpose of the cross of Christ to every believer; but especially to those that don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ.

Join the movement as we are called to take the message of the Cross of Christ to every town, community, city, state and ultimately the nations. God is calling on the Body of Christ to join together as never before through intercessory prayer that the finished work of the cross will dominate the social media, the airwaves and the streets of this world. 

Mark 16:15 "All the world, every creature...." were the words of Jesus to his followers and "NOW IS THE TIME" like never before to go forth. The Cross Crusade America is reaching out to every believer in the every state to join with us as we reach lost souls for God.

We are calling on ALL interested evangelistic minded leaders and ministries to join us as we prepare to IMPACT THE NATION’S streets and communities with the gospel message. The movement is now for the Body of Christ to operate on one accord to spread the Gospel of Christ and HOPE!


The building of networks will begin with churches, ministries, community leaders and individuals that the Cross Crusade team and partners are already connected to; and have the same heart and passion for evangelism. The crusade in this first phase will be segmented into regions starting with some major cities as outlined below. Additional phases will evolve as we build new networks in various states over time:

Join The Cross Crusade America  312-545-6944