The meaning of the cross is the place of fullness, of manifestation, of fulfillment. To understand the meaning of the cross is to penetrate the door that leads us to the mysteries hidden in God, and into the most extraordinary richness of His Kingdom.
It is in the cross where the most extraordinary sources of wisdom in God are conjugated. The revelation of His infinite love is there, the culmination of the truths hidden in His humiliation, they are all on the cross. The entrance to the higher levels of light, of resurrection is there too;  and also, the door to the highest dimensions of His truth.

"I believe this book will change forever, the way you see the Cross of Christ"
                                                                                                Larry Fisher

The purchase you make will be a donation to helping us spread the message of the cross. No-one can be saved without first hearing the gospel of Christ, which is the message of the cross. 100% of every copy sold will go to the purchase of a commercial size tent; so we can take the gospel to the entire world.   

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August 31st 2021
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