Fellowship Churches and Ministries

Apostle Larry and Pastor Patricia Fisher
Christ Family Life Center Church
6817 S South Chicago Ave 
Chicago IL, 60637

Apostle Lorenzo Irving / Pastor Brenda Irving 
Life Center of Deliverance 
844 N. Monticello St Chicago IL, 60651

Apostle Kenneth / Prophetess Jacqueline Rhymes
Ordained Of God Full Gospel Church
3750 S Leyden Ave, Chicago, IL 60827

Pastor's Walter and Sandra Gillespie 
Chosen Tabernacle 
4310 South Champlain Avenue, Chicago, IL, United States

Pastor's Jerry and Annette Barker
Christian Unity Church
2140 Washinton Blvd., 
Bellwood, IL 60104

Pastor's Charles and Diedre Williams
The ROCK Chicago
1013 E 43rd St, Chicago, Illinois 60653

Apostles Talman and Celeste Dean
Transforming Lives Christian Center
614 E71st Chicago IL, 60649

Pastor's Gerald and Yolanda Manuel
Kingdom Way of Living Ministries
Chicago IL 60620

Pastor's William and Anitra Harris
Kansas City Kansas

Apostle Kathleen Miles
House Of Hope Ministries
1818 E 79st Street
Chicago IL, 60649
Your donations are needed to take the message of The Cross to the world.

Your sponsorship says that you are partnering with The Cross Crusade for the sole purpose of helping us win souls, change lives, communities and the world. The Cross Crusade consist of leaders and members receiving evangelistic training, ongoing workshops, street witnessing; culminating with The Cross Crusade 2020 
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The Cross Crusade Revival 2023
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IMAGINE 1000 PLUS of God's intercessors praying harmoniously for lost souls to be saved all over the world. We as the body of Christ have been duly commanded to come together regardless of domination or creed to stand in the gap by lifting our faith in God through prayer. Praying as the church prayed without ceasing for Peter's release from the bondage of his oppressor.....

 IMAGINE 1000 PLUS of God's intercessors standing shoulder to shoulder one mind one spirit travailing and commanding the enemy's release of family members, neighbors, co-workers, governmental officials, ministry leaders, those addicted, murderers, prostitution, homosexuality, gang members, every form of infirmity including mental illness......  

IMAGINE! Will you join US! 

Please complete the form so we can prepare for your arrival. Please feel free to invite someone you know that needs to be this in this service.  
 Hebrews 7:25 NLT

25 Therefore he is able, once and forever, to save[a] those who come to God through him. He lives forever to intercede with God on their behalf.

You are one with Christ in intercession 
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The meaning of the cross is the place of fullness, of manifestation, of fulfillment. To understand the meaning of the cross is to penetrate the door that leads us to the mysteries hidden in God and into the most extraordinary richness of His Kingdom.
It is in the cross where the most extraordinary sources of wisdom in God are conjugated. 

The revelation of His infinite love is there, the culmination of the truths hidden in His humiliation; they are all on the cross. The entrance to the higher levels of light, of resurrection is there too;  and also, the door to the highest dimensions of His truth.